Publications Access

Copies of the ARL Statistics Publications are available as follows:

For Member Libraries

To Access the Digital Publications (PDF Format): Member libraries can access their free digital copies of the ARL Statistics and Salary Surveys thorough the publications pages on this site or the most recent editions at ARL Digital Publications website.

To Access the Data (Excel Format): Member libraries can access the Interactive Statistics and the ARL Salary Survey pre-formatted data tables by logging-in to   Click on "Analytics" in the horizonal navitation bar or on "Data Repository" in the left navigation to access the ARL Statistics data.  Click "Publications" to access the downloadable ARL Salary Survey data tables.

To Obtian Print Copies: ARL ceased mailing print copies of the ARL statistics and salary survey publications with the release of the ARL Statistics 2009–10 and the ARL Annual Salary Survey 2010–11.  Print copies are now available for purchase for all ARL Member libraries.  Please consult our Ordering Information for details.

For all others:

To Access the Digital Publications (PDF Format):  The most recent years' publications are available for purchase in an electronic format through ARL Digital Publications. Publications from before 2005 are freely available through the publications pages on this site.

To Access the Data (Excel Format): Subscription access to the interactive statistics is also available through ARL Statistics® Interactive Analytics.

To Obtian Print Copies: Please consult our Ordering Information for details.