Academic Law Library Statistics

The ARL Academic Law Library Statistics reports data on collections, expenditures, staffing, and user services in the law libraries of ARL university institutions.  This series has produced a machine-readable element since 1999-2000 and for some years prior.  These datafiles are made available for use by ARL members.  For a description of the variables presented in the machine-readable files, please see the Guide to the Machine-Readable ARL Statistics Data.

For more information on the data made available here or for assistance in interpreting the data, contact Shaneka Morris, Statistics Editorial Assistant ( or Martha Kyrillidou, Senior Director, ARL Statistics and Service Quality Programs (

Copies of the Academic Law Library Statistics Publications are available for purchase as:

2014-2015 [digital publication]
2013-2014 [digital publication]
2012-2013 [digital publication]
2011-2012 [digital publication]
2010-2011 [digital publication]
2009-2010 [digital publication]
2008-2009 [digital publication]
2007-2008 [digital publication]
2006-2007 [digital publication]
2005-2006 [digital publication]
2004-2005 [pdf]
2003-2004 [pdf]
2002-2003 [pdf]
2001-2002 [pdf]
2000-2001 [pdf]
1999-2000 [pdf]
1998-1999 [pdf]
1997-1998 [pdf]
1996-1997 [pdf]
1995-1996 [pdf]
1992-1995 (note years) [pdf]
1985-1986 [pdf]