What Are the Origins of ARL Statistics®?

Statistics have been collected and published annually for the members of the Association since 1961–62. Before that, annual statistics for university libraries were collected by James Gerould, first at Minnesota and later at Princeton. These data cover the years 1907–08 through 1961–62 and are now called the Gerould statistics. A comprehensive guide to these data is available for purchase with access to ARL Statistics® Analytics (formerly called ARL Statistics® Interactive Analytics). The whole ARL Statistics® data series from 1908 to the present represents the oldest and most comprehensive continuing library statistical series in North America.

Karin Wittenborg, Kendon Stubbs, and the University of Virginia (UVA) staff developed and supported the Interactive Edition of the ARL Statistics on the Web from 1995 to 2010. The UVA ARL Statistics Interactive Edition site was retired on March 15, 2010. Colleen Cook and Fred Heath enabled ARL to support data-curation services like the ARL Statistics Analytics through the technology-infrastructure investments they have supported at ARL with the development of LibQUAL+® services and LibQUAL+® Analytics that is now evolved into the StatsQUAL® suite of services that supports the technology infrastructure for ARL to provide data services and data curation.

Please see the ARL Statistics timeline for more detailed information!