Demographic Trends in ARL Librarians

For ARL academic librarians, demographic information such as year of birth, years of experience in a specific library, education credentials, etc., has been occassionally collected in addition to the categories covered in the ARL Annual Salary Survey.

Analysis of past demographic data has been published in the following resources:

Changing Demographics of Research Libraries: Trends and Implications, a presentation by Stanley Wilder at the 143rd ARL Membership Meeting, October 2003.

Demographic Change in Academic Librarianship, by Standley Wilder.  Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries (2003).  ISBN 0-918006-97-X

Demographic Change in Academic Librarianship revisits the retirement projections in Stanley Wilder's 1995 age demographics report and presents an updated analysis of demographic trends that are based on newly available ARL and U.S. census data. While the 1995 report focused on the impact of retirements on the profession, Demographic Change in Academic Librarianship recognizes the connection between the aging of the profession and new entries to the population. In addition to presenting new projections for retirements through 2020, this study updates the age profile of librarians in ARL academic libraries and examines the age, race, gender, and skills of new library professionals.


"Generational Change in Librarianship" - a 32-minute video by Stanley Wilder on the age-demographic shift in ARL librarians. (you will need Windows Media Player installed on your computer to view this file - if you don't have WMP, download it for free here).

The Age Demographics of Academic Librarians: A Professional Apart, by Stanley Wilder. This book marks the first time in which demographic information on ARL librarians was published.

"The Changing Profile of Research Library Professional Staff", by Stanley Wilder, as published in ARL: A Bimonthly Report 208/209