In addition to the ARL Statistics® data, which collects figures from the ARL member libraries, the ARL Statistics series includes multiple additional annual data series as well as some that are updated less frequently. These series include:


  • ARL Annual Salary Survey

    The ARL Annual Salary Survey is a compilation of data covering over 13,000 professional positions in ARL libraries. Tables display average, median, and beginning salaries; salaries by position and experience, sex, and race/ethnic background; salaries in different geographic regions and sizes of libraries. Additional tables cover law, medical, Canadian, and nonuniversity research libraries.

  • ARL Supplementary Statistics

    The ARL Supplementary Statistics serve as a testbed to collect information on new measures. It has yielded valuable information on public services and government documents in the past, and is used today to measure the use of electronic resources. Questions are either finalized and moved into the main ARL Statistics questionnaire, or determined not to be of value and removed from consideration. Note: there were no Supplementary Statistics publications for 2003-04, 2004-05 and 2005-06.

  • University & Library Total Expenditures

    Data on University & Library Total Expenditures (formerly known as the E&G Survey) are used to produce charts and tables showing what fractions of total university spending have gone towards the research library.

  • Source of Funds

    This is an irregular one-question ad-hoc survey which asks: "What % of your [annual] total expenditures are from institutional allocations, auxiliary funds, gifts, grants, endowments, etc.?"

  • ARL Preservation Statistics

    ARL discontinued the annual collection of ARL Preservation Statistics with the 2007-08 survey.  The complete series covers the years of 1987-88 through 2007-08.  There was a pilot survey conducted in 1984-85.